How to Search the Knowledge Base

The IT Knowledge Base is hosted in a web-based application called TeamDynamix.  The page you are looking at now is part of the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base (you can see the application name as part of the URL -

The IT Knowledge Base contains articles that can help you answer questions you may have about IT services at Michigan Tech.  Searching the Knowledge Base can quickly take you to the information you are looking for.

There are three ways to search for Knowledge Base Articles:

  1. Search the Client Portal (site-wide)
  2. Search the Knowledge Base Only
  3. Search by Looking through the Knowledge Base Catalog.

Search the Client Portal

  1. In TeamDynamix, click in the search the client portal in the top right of the page to the left of the Sign In link.
    Search the Client Portal bar
    Type what you are searching for in the field and select the magnifying glass or hit Enter.
    Searching for "HuskyColor"
  2. The page will show search results for any Service or Knowledge Base Article that best matches your search.
    Search results

Search the Knowledge Base Only

  1. In TeamDynamix, click on Knowledge Base in the black ribbon
  2. Once Knowledge Base is selectedSearch will now appear below it in the gray ribbon. Click on Search.
    Search in the Knowledge Base
  3. Type what you are searching for in the Search box and hit Enter or click the Search button to display your search results.
    Knowledge Base Search Results

Search by Looking through the Knowledge Base Catalog

  1. In TeamDynamix, click on Knowledge Base in the black ribbon.
  2. The Knowledge Base articles are grouped into Categories.

    Knowledge base categories
  3. Locate and click the Category that is most relevant to your question.
  4. Click on the Article that best matches your question. You will be taken to that Article's page for an explanation of that topic and links to any related Knowledge Base Articles.
    Search results - related articles
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