Cable TV Channels Available on Campus

View the line up of available TV channels in the attached file to the right.

If you'd like to view a listing of current TV programs, our cable provider Apogee recommends the following:

  • Go to
  • Select "Change Provider or Time Zone"
  • Enter your Zip code (49931 for Michigan Tech's Houghton campus)
  • Select the link for your location ("MTU Cable - Digital (Houghton) for our on-campus Digital Cable)

Depending upon where you live your cable/coax connection can be located in a different place.  
In Wadsworth Hall, the coax connection is located by the door.
In DHH and McNair, the coax connection is located on the bottom side of the network connection box.
In Hillside, the coax connection is located with the network connection box.
In Daniel Heights, the coax connection in in the living room, usually next to the main door.

More information on on-campus television can be found in our knowledge base.

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