Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud will be the only option for educational licensing for previously called Creative Suite products.
While previous licenses of CS6 products (or earlier) on campus are perpetual and will not expire, we are no longer able to purchase these versions, but must purchase Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC).
So, what are your Creative Cloud options?
Named User License Shared Device License
Licenses for each individual user on their institutional computer with teacher and staff rights to install on two computers, one for work and one for home use Licenses for each computer, rather than each user, with rights to install on one computer per license
Choice of All Apps or Single App options All Apps option only
Storage and all online services included Storage and the following online services included: Behance, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Fonts


  Named User License Shared Device License
Desktop Apps
Mobile Apps  
Adobe Spark with premium features
Cloud-based apps including Adobe
Premiere Rush CC and Adobe XD
Adobe Portfolio and Behance
Adobe Fonts
Storage 100GB 2GB
Both of these options are a yearly subscription license. Michigan Tech’s “anniversary date” is December 3. Purchases made throughout the year fall under a prorated pricing schedule and expire at the next anniversary. Licenses must be renewed annually on the anniversary date or be removed from the machine.
Unlike previous Adobe installers that used a single license key, orders must now be processed through both our reseller and Adobe before the software can be installed.
For a list of apps, see pdf under "Files".
Creative Suite Pricing for 2020...
The annual prices listed below are subject to market fluctuations and change often (and will be prorated at the purchase time).
  All Apps Individual App
Named User License $255.18 / year $110 / year (approx)

FrameMaker (Named User Only. Not included with All Apps)

  $160.67 / year
Shared Device License $193.74 / year  

For more information on Adobe licenses, please contact us at or call 487-1111. One of our procurement agents will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about pricing and purchasing

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