Disabling the Linux Gnome Hot Corner

The Gnome Hot Corner is a Gnome action that activates the Activities Overview when bringing the mouse pointer to the upper left-hand portion of your screen on Linux systems. The article is intended to show how this feature can be disabled using Gnome Extensions. This will work on all Lab, Faculty, Staff, and Grad machines.

You will need to know what Gnome Version you have in order to know which extension you will need to download in the next step. You can find your Gnome Version by the following:


  1. In a terminal window type: gnome-shell --version to get the gnome version. On screen, you’ll see: GNOME Shell 3.xx.xGnome Shell
  2. You will need a Gnome extension to configure the hot corner functionality. 
  3. Download the extension by selecting the version of Gnome from the previous step, and use the latest extension version (largest number). After selecting the two options it will begin the download.
    Gnome Extensions
    NOTE: Azuri (the extension author) doesn’t provide a 3.25 version of "No Topleft Hot Corner," use the next oldest version—in this case, 3.24—which has been tested and works as expected on the 3.25 gnome version.
  4. Open the Gnome Tweak Tool application by going to: Applications > Utilities > Tweak Tool.  Alternatively, you can select the Super Key (Window Key) and search for "Tweak Tool" to search.
     Gnome Tweak Tool
  5. In the Extensions Tweak section, scroll through the list of extensions and find the Install Shell Extension entry. Select the None button; this will open a file picker dialog.
  6. Browse to and select the .zip extension file that was downloaded previously. Select the file and select the Open button in the upper right-hand corner. Browse and select the .zip extension file.
  7. The No top left hot corner extension will now be installed and appear in the list of extensions. Toggle the extension on or off with the button next to the entry ("ON" means no more hot corner).
    Tweak Tool Extension list

If desired, to remove the extension from Gnome, select the Remove button next to its entry in the Tweak Tool Extensions list, shown above.




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