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Accessing AudienceView Using The VPN

How to access the AudienceView Staging or Production environments from the VPN


Instructions for logging in at with your Michigan Tech username and password

Activating a Research License in ANSYS

Instructions on activating an ANSYS research license

Adding a Connection Profile in Perceptive Content

Instructions for adding a connection profile in Perceptive Content, formerly ImageNow

Adding Software Using the Software Center (Windows 10)

Installing software from the Software Center on a Windows 10 computer

Adding Software Using the Software Center (Windows 7)

Installing software from the Software Center on a Windows 7 computer

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Information regarding Adobe Acrobat Professional

Campus Common CORE Software

What Common CORE Software is Available in the Labs for Windows and Mac

Connecting to VPN in Linux

How to connect to VPN in Linux

Connecting to VPN in Windows

Instructions for installing the VPN client on a Windows computer

Connecting to VPN on a Mac

Connecting to VPN on a Mac computer

EL7-PostScript Invalid Font

Troubleshooting font errors

General notes for software review (IT Funded Software Process)

Background information regarding the IT Software review process

Graduate Productivity Base Software

Default software package installed on all graduate productivity computers

How to remotely connect to a campus Windows PC from a Mac

How to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a remote Windows PC

Installing PVS + nasalib in Linux

This article will show you how to install PVS and the nasalib libraries for it to your home directory

Installing Software on Red Hat Linux 7

Instructions for installing software on Red Hat Linux 7

Installing\Uninstalling\Upgrading Python Modules in Linux using Pip

Instructions for Installing\Uninstalling\Upgrading Python Modules in Linux using Pip

IT-Funded Software

How to request IT-Funded software

Linux Software Collections (scl)

Using a tool called Linux Software Collections (scl) creates a number of alternative binary paths and aliases and can make an otherwise conflicting set of tools work transparently

Michigan Tech Mobile App

Get quick access to news and events, your grades, course schedules, leave balances and much more with the Michigan Tech mobile app

Open Internet Explorer (Windows 10)

How to find and open the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10

Opening an Application from an Unidentified Developer

How to open an application from an unknown developer

PDF files in Chrome

PDF file behavior in Chrome on Michigan Tech PCs

Requesting Lab Software

Process to request lab software

Software Distribution Center

Download software that is licensed for use on personally-owned computers

Software Request--Dates to Remember

Important dates regarding IT funded software requests

Syncing Gmail with Microsoft Outlook

How to Sync Gmail with MS Outlook

Using Perceptive Content (ImageNow) on a Mac

There is no client for Perceptive Content on a Mac, but it can be accessed through your web browser

Using Stream2 on Amazon FireTV

How to Download and Install Stream2 on Amazon FireTV Devices

Using Stream2 on Android Devices

How to Download and Install Stream2 on Android Devices

Using Stream2 on iOS/Apple Devices

How to download and install Stream2 for iOS/Apple Devices

Video Editing Software Access

Access to video editing software.

Viewing Flash Content On a Web Page (ex. Pure Safety Training)

How to view flash content for specific web pages