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Changing Your Login Shell

Instructions for changing your shell

Changing your Michigan Tech Password

Instructions to change your Michigan Tech password

Managing your Michigan Tech Account at

How to manage your account information, recover your password, and update your profile

Michigan Tech Account Center (

How to login to and use the Michigan Tech Account Center.

Password Guidelines

Password Tips

Password Recovery

Instructions for password recovery

Recovering Your Account Name

How to Recover your Username

Recovering Your Password Using Secret Questions

How to use your secret questions to recover your password

Requesting ASPIRE Access

Where to find more information about ASPIRE, and how to request access

Reset Linux (RHEL7) Keyring

Unlocking or deleting a keyring (credentials store) in Linux

Resetting a Banner Password

Link to the Banner password reset page.

Retaining Access as a Former Student

Access after Graduation or not Active Student

Setting up a Mobile Phone to Recover Your Password or Account Name

How to Enter Your Mobile Phone Number to Recover your Username or Password

Setting Up Secret Questions for Password Recovery

Instructions on how to setup secret questions

Steps to Secure a Compromised Account

How to reclaim a compromised account