Retaining Access as a Former Student

Access to most Michigan Tech related systems and services will be cut off two (2) weeks after a student is no longer considered an active student.  For regular semesters, this is two (2) weeks after the last day of finals. Appropriate access is reinstated when a student becomes an active student again, which is two (2) weeks prior to the start of the next semester.  Email, Banweb, and Canvas access will persist until the next semester.

Upon graduation, transferring to another institution or voluntarily withdrawal, the student is classified as alumni and retains Banweb, email, and WiFi access indefinitely.

In the case of suspension/dismissal, the student will retain email access for the length of time needed to file an appeal, after which time email access is removed. 

For further information about University IT access, please contact IT at 906-487-1111 or email

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