2019 Admin Domain Migration: Questions and Answers

Michigan Tech IT is moving customers on the Admin domain to the MTU domain. Consolidating these separate domains allows customers to receive better IT support. Historically, the administrative departments have been part of the Admin domain, and academic departments have been part of the MTU domain.

Am I affected by this?

Every computer at Michigan Tech has a sticker identifying it. The name on this sticker will help you determine if your computer is affected or not.

If your computer has .admin at the end of its name, you will be affected by the migration.

Computer name sticker

If your computer has any other ending, such as .ad, your computer will not be affected by this migration.

Computer name sticker

How will this impact you?

Your computing experience will not dramatically change. However, there are some changes that you should be aware of. These changes are outlined below:


Certain application customizations may need to be recreated after the migration. Things such as desktop backgrounds, screen savers, or other specific Windows customizations need to be set up again. We have staff available to assist with these settings and help re-configure customizations as needed.

Network drive access


On the Admin domain, network folders are mapped using specific drive letters. Once migrated to the MTU domain, network folders will no longer be mapped using specific drive letters. Instead, all of the network folders a customer has access to will be stored in a multidrive folder, or M:\ drive. Customers will only see the folders they have access to on the multidrive. This will likely be the biggest change for Administrative staff.

Multidrive folders

2019 Admin Migration Files

You will also see an additional folder in your H:\ drive called 2019 Admin Migration Files. Within that folder, you will see a Home and a Profiles folder, where you can find your other files before the migration.

2019 Admin Migration Files

Home and Profiles folder

H:\ drive and C:\ drive

The migration will not affect the H:\ drive or your computer’s local C:\ drive. For a better understanding of the different drives, visit the Knowledge Base article explaining the drive letters and how they work.

X:\ drive

The X:\ drive, or public drive, will no longer be accessible after the admin domain migration. The public drive existed as a temporary location to transfer non-confidential files between departments not sharing common storage space. 

Google Drive, also known as Shared Drive, is now the location to store the files shared between departments. If you have any data remaining on the X:\ drive, or public drive, we recommend transferring the data to a Google Shared Drive. If you would like more information on Google Drive or Team Drives, or would like an alternate method for sharing files formerly on the X:\public drive,  please visit Using Google Drive and Team Drives or give us a call at 7-1111.

Accessing your files from home

Another result of the migration will affect how to access your files remotely. File paths will change, so understanding how to access your files after the change will be important. To access your files from off-domain (such as your home) you must first map a multidrive to your computer.  The following articles will help explain how to access these files from a remote location (off-campus) from either Windows or Mac.

Connecting to Your M:\drive and H:\drive from an Off-Domain Windows 10 Computer

Connecting to Multidrive on a Mac

Once the M:\ drive is mapped and connected, your new folders will appear as described in the Network Drive Access section.


After the migration, customers may need to re-add printers to their computers. Michigan Tech IT will ensure specific department printers are automatically added for each department. However, any non-departmental printers may need to be re-added after the change. Find a list of all department printers in our Knowledge Base. Follow the links below for instructions on how to install a printer onto your computer.

Adding a Printer to an On-domain Windows Computer

Adding a Printer to a Mac Computer

Restoring Files

If you are not able to find a file, or a previous version of a file, please contact Michigan Tech IT.

Additional questions

If you have any questions about the domain migration, we can help. Contact us at it-help@mtu.edu, or call us at 7-1111.

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