Popular Services

Audio / visual imlementations other than new classroom / conference room or digital signage systems.

Telephone, Wi-Fi and Network Communications Projects

Building out Governance approved form

Projects involving Storage, Virtual Machines, web hosting, data center or other infrastructure services.

Projects involving the security of servers, networks or other IT assets

Modify an existing Enterprise System

Upgrade an Enterprise System

Request a Business Intelligence application

New installation (or major renovation) of a digital signage system.

New installations of media technology. From Sponsor agreement to a project charter, including estimated costs and timeline, through to build completion and sponsor acceptance. Typically proceeded by a MTS Scoping project.

A Media Technology Scoping project starts with a request for new media technology to be installed into a designated space (such as a classroom, conference room, etc). During scoping the Media Technology team gains an understanding of the requirements, timeline and budget, and moves through the process of designing and estimating, to the point where a design and timeline for completion of the installation is mutually agreed to with the sponsor, and a Media Technology Build project is chartered to complete the delivery of the installation as agreed.

Create a new Enterprise System