Project Request for Digital Signage

Clicking on the "Request Digital Signage" button to the right will open the request form. 

This form documents the business case for your project request, and has three parts:

1. The General webpage will allow you to provide information like the Project name, description, sponsor, and compliance requirements.  Click the "Mark Complete" button when finished.  Click the "Mark Complete" button ot the top of the webpage once you've completed the form.  Once you do so, the additional webpages that make up the Request will be available.

2. The Files webpage allows you to attach any files you'd like to share to better explain the Project Request.  Click the "Mark Complete" button once you've completed the form.

3. The Resources webpage allows you to add collaborators to the Request itself. These are the resources that may modify this project request before it is submitted for approval. These are not the resources that will work on the project once this project request becomes a project.

Once each webpage is filled out, and marked complete the request can be submitted for review and approval.